Esponja Puff Microfibra para Makes

R$ 2,83
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Quantity :7

Color :7 colors

Quality: High quality use: dry and wet use


1.100% Brand new, dual purpose, for wet or dry use

2. Sponges get bigger in water.

3 Natural materials are very soft on the skin.

4 Suit any skin and create the perfect look

5. Soft touch, soft and even understated makeup.

6 Easy to carry mini size.

7 Clean 2-3 times a week.

Matters needing attention

Matters needing attention

1. Beauty eggs must be moistened before dipping into liquid foundation, otherwise it will absorb a large amount of liquid foundation like a sponge, causing waste.

2. After using the egg, clean the surface of the cosmetics, also use paper towels to absorb the moisture inside the egg, and then put it in the mesh pouch for preservation.

3. When storing makeup eggs, pay attention to whether the environment is dry and drafty. Moist environment will cause bacteria and even mold to grow on makeup eggs.

4. Makeup eggs should be thoroughly cleaned every 4-7 days with professional makeup tools cleaning agent.

5. It takes about two months to replace makeup eggs. If you are not in the habit of cleaning your beauty eggs, you will need to replace them after a week or two.