New Outdoor Sports Wallet Running Mobile Phone Bag Waterproof Invisible For Men And Women Outdoor Equipment

R$ 39,00
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Size: Width 50cm/19.69in*Height 11.5cm/4.53in *Main pocket length 18cm/7.09in

Color: Black



1. Upgraded lightweight three-pocket waist bag with large three-layer capacity and compartmentalized storage. Thinner and made of water-resistant fabric.

2. Striking reflective stripe design acts as a warning in dark environments.

3. Hidden earphone hole allows you to enjoy music while exercising without worrying about falling off.

4. Selected high-quality nylon waterproof fabric with Lycra lining and waterproof coating to effectively block the penetration of rain and sweat.

5. Upgraded lightweight material with honeycomb mesh design on the back, fresh and breathable.

6. Highly elastic waist belt suitable for different waist sizes. Comfortable to wear and durable without loosening for a long time.

7. Bionic slider fits the hand comfortably with a smooth glide without jamming. Thick snap closure durable and secure. Two separate pockets on both sides for compartmentalized storage.